Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 19
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Why yes Netflix, I am still watching "The Vanilla Ice Project"

I'm embarrassed (? am I?) to say that I am a certified binge watcher. A product of my generation I guess? A product of not having real television perhaps? Becuase I have to wait until things come to netflix so typically shows come with several seasons. And I really like background noise - so if I don't have music going I like some bad TV running in the back.

The problem, however, is that I've made it through many a show lately and am running out.
I've gone through essentially all the cooking shows and food shows (luckily they've just added more episodes to "A Chef's Table") and I've re-watched all of Friends (worth it!) I'm working my way through Alias again. And I chronically and obsessively watch Gilmore Girls - judge away - they are my people. As it is the season I've also started watching all the trashy Christmas movies.  

And we've also watched all of the renovation shows...hence The Vanilla Ice Project.  

So basically what I'm saying is: 1) I have no hobbies (look I'm tired) and 2) if you have any awesome netflix suggestions of things I'm missing out on please DO TELL.  

Because it's almost my vacation time and all I want to do is eat burritos, go to the beach, and melt my brain!

Tomorrow is baking day so expect some pictures to make your mouth water Mmmmm!

Merry Blogmas my friends!  


  1. Pretty little liars
    The fosters
    White collar

    Couldn't contribute to the recipes, because let's face it, I don't cook. But this, THIS I know a thing or two about ;)

  2. I agree with the Fosters and Scandal...good lord Scandal is amazing!