Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 8

Kori the Cray!

This one's for my fur-st baby. If you've had he "joy" of meeting our puppy then you know - she's certafiable! Kori was mine and SP's first adventure together. Shortly after we moved in together we decided to start looking for dogs. One day we went to "just" look and came hope with a sweet scared quiet little fur ball. She was afraid of the seats in the car. She was afraid of shadows and leaves and plastic bags. She was afraid of EVERYTHING! We affectionately referred to her as our shelter surprise. With time and love and care she was no longer afraid of everything - just most things! Instead of fear she was - WIRED! She finally was warm loved and well fed and her true personality came out and boy were we surprised. Instead of fear and shaking and quiet and meek - we had crazy bouncy snuggly excitable little fur bean.

She's definitely been a challenge. But she has taught me so much. And the dedication we put into her before we had baby girl trained SP and I on how to work together, on patience, on unconditional love, on poop, and sleepless nights.

And while she still drives me 100% bonkers sometimes - I most definitely wouldn't be my best me without her! She has listened to me when I was scared, she's snuggled away my tears thousands of times, and made me laugh until I cried happy tears!

And even though she hates almost all people on earth she has been nothing but fabulous with baby girl. She cries when baby girl is "stuck" in the crib, she hangs out with her on the floor, she licks her snot away, and cleans up all baby girl's leftovers! 

We love you crazy baby dog! Even if you're a punk face sometimes! Muah!

Do you like how the tree is coming out of her head?!
That's how you know she's really part of the fam :) Signature move!
Merry Blogmas Friends!

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