Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 3

Day 3 and I'm already questioning what in the world I'm going to talk about for 22 more days! But alas I made a commitment so if it's 22 more days of babbling so be it....

On the 3rd day of blogmas my true love gave to me some seriously sore legs. I've been talking for awhile about getting my rear in gear again. But it was just that - a lot of talking and only minimal action. I do work out at work relatively regularly (thanks Tina!) so I don't have to lie on those doctors forms about working out 3 times a week - but it's also not always the hardcore, burn a ton of calories, cringe yourself kind of workouts. So when I spotted a groupon for a boot camp nearby I jumped on board to start RIGHT after thanksgiving (post thanksgiving Monday at 5:30am to be exact)

It's 3 times a week for an hour at he but crack of dawn. And yes it is the dark. On Monday when we working out in 20degree weather I was definitely questioning my sanity. But 2 sessions in (3rd tomorrow) I am (surprisingly) loving it. Yes the wake up call is painful - esp on nights when the baby is crying - but overall I like the people, I like the trainer,and I'm definitely feeling the burn. Like can't sit down on the toilet without wincing because my legs are screaming burn. So far I'm incredibly proud of myself for simply making it out the door 3 times a week and I'm bound and determined to complete the month long bootcamp. 

The only problem now is I can't stop eating sweets!  While I'm glad I didn't wait, this couldn't be a worse time to start "getting healthy" again...there is some method to the waiting for the new year madness.  I guess one habit at a time right?  RIGHT?!  

Anywayyyy, happy huffing and puffing and cookie eating my friends.  It's all about balance - lots of working out = lots of cookies right ;)

Merry Blogmas my friends!  See you tomorrow!


  1. I definitely need to get my butt in gear as my belly keeps growing! Good for you for not only craving out the me time, but sticking with it. I need a plan so bravo to you!

    1. Trust me my friend, the struggle is real! Adding in another thing to the 40hr work week plus being a full time parent and partner has been a struggle - but I'm trying to remind myself that I want to be healthy and be around for my kids!