Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 16

What I Liked About Today - The Sick Day Edition

So I made the hard decision to skip bootcamp today. I really really wanted to not miss any of them but I sound like a dying seal and a crackling fireplace when I breathe so I figured I better give it a rest.

Instead I stayed home all day and tried to rest - but it turns out I'm a work-aholic...when did that happen again?!

So without any further ado, What I liked about my sick day:
  • Binge watching NCIS while answering email. I can't lie, I love NCIS and there are about eleventy billion episodes on netflix
  • Sweat Pants. Nuff said.
  • Addressing these bad boys (they might actually get out before Christmas)

  • Getting excited for Christmas - ITS COMING
  • Big bowl of pasta for lunch
  • Snuggling with Kori!

  • The ability to work at home
  • Nap-lets (I really wish I had that amazing napping ability that some people have)
  • Enjoying Harriet in all her glory
  • Fudge leftovers
  • Not cooking anything all week
  • A reliable day care situation with someone I really love
  • The internet (yay last minute christmas shopping!)  

So that's what's going on around these parts - not too much my friends. This weekend is going to be full of cookie baking, present wrapping, and your other general elf like duties. And of course prepping to head down south with all of our stuff and a dog and a baby (why did we do this?!) We're also getting a new couch delivered because why not? Well actually because our big giant couch is just too ginormous for our little cozy house. And really it's time. And we're really trying to make it look like we're not college kids anymore - since apparently we're adults now (The big 3-0 is coming real real soon my friends!)

Sending well wishes and holiday spirit!

Merry Blogmas my friends! 

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