Friday, December 4, 2015

Blogmas Vol. 4

An Ode to my Baby Mama

Dear SP,

I love you! I think sometimes in the midst of working and dogging and babying I forget to recount the ways as often as I should.  So here goes:

Thank you for making me a mama! For living this dream with me and for me. Thank you for growing our own special little human.

Thank you for always taking care of our dogmonsterchild. You know exactly when I can't possibly take anymore. Thank you for always taking her out to poop when it rains and she won't go out alone and acts like acid is falling from the sky.

I love the way you always have a perfect dance move for the moment. I love your shimmies and your shakes. I love your perfect leg kicks and your awesome robot arms. 

I love your unending faith in me. The way you lift me up and believe in me even when I can't believe in myself. The way you encourage me and watch me and care for me.  I love the way you really know me. And the way you work to continue to grow with me.

Thank you for working hard to provide for our family. I love how much you give of yourself. How much you love and care for your coworkers. Thank you for always going the extra mile and working to move up the ranks and give us the best lives we can possibly have.

Thanks for making time for me to take care of me. Thank you for allowing me time for all my introvert needs. For the times I need to lock myself away and read a book. 

I love that you let me watch my cheesy shows. And you know exactly what will give me nightmares. I love that you love boring documentaries. I love that you let me rewatch things until you can recite all the lines! 

Thank you for always vacuuming, de-gunking the drains, and getting the stains out of everything (really awesome for this continual spiller). Thanks for understanding that a clean house means that I will be a less crazy and much happier - even when it doesn't even seem dirty to you.

Thank you for giving into my maniacal holiday spirit. For always encouraging me to get MORE decorations and for trying to see the magic, even when you are feeling the grinch.

I could write a thousand pages on how much I love you. I'm so truly grateful that the universe put us together. I can't imagine a more amazing person to ride this roller coaster ride with me. How lucky I am to be married to my very best friend (we are the cliche in the truest sense)

I love you baby - now and forever in every way possible!

Muffin Pants  


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