Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blogmas Vol.6

Harriet Con't

Today was decorating day! 

SP and I woke up at dawn this morning (as one does when they have a 10month old) so we figured 7am was as good a time as any to get going with decorating!  We pulled in all the boxes and got Harriet all lighted and bead garlanded up. Baby girl ate and went down for a morning nap and SP and I went to town on Harriet - pulling out all our memories.  SP and I have a tradition where we buy an ornament everywhere we travel.  It really is the best souvenir because they are small, they don't take up space in your home all year long, and each year you get to pull them all out and remember the trip and where they came from.

7:30am stop taking pics of me face
Beautiful Harriet...and SCARY SANTA! Back for another year of fun!
We got Harriet all fluffed and sparkly and dressed to the nines...and then we went to town on the rest of the living room.  SP indulged me this year and let me buy these giant Christmas Stars :)  And then she did me one better and hung them for me! 

And then I got a little crazy and decided Baby Girl needed something in her room (small tree next year people, mark my words!) So we hung a few (plastic, shatterproof) bulbs from her ceiling and a few tiny stockings on her wall.  She's loving the fact I'm afraid we've made a critical error in that I hope we don't have a fit on our hands when it's time to take them down...but too late now!

Because really, why not?!

So all in all it's pretty christmasy up in here. We don't have the outside lights up yet but we're going to do a few because I just couldn't resist. And I have this giant painted winter window that we haven't quite figured out to do with yet (and need some serious anchoring items we didn't have on hand this weekend)

I have to say though, overall, the beautiful lights and the vanilla eggnog candle I got from the dollar section of you know where and I'm feeling pretty darn Christmas Spirit-y!  And We're like 75% done with Christmas shopping so I'm feeling even better about things because have you BEEN to the mall lately (DEAR GOD!)  Needless to say there aren't likely to be any pictures with santa this year because baby girl has two grinch moms who aren't going to stand in that line for anything!

And in other news, Happy Hanukkah to those starting their celebrations this evening! Can one of my lovely friends please educate me as to why there are so many different spellings and which one is correct? I did find one sparkle Hanukkah sign this year (it may be making an appearance in my office very soon so no pics yet!) 

Merry Blogmas my friends!

P.S. Week 2 of bootcamp starts tomorrow...pray for me!  
P.P.S Editors note: In Blogmas Vol. 5 I incorrectly gave the tree a royal title. Namer of said tree was not pleased with said edition. The tree henceforth will be referred to as ONLY Harriet...get it right already ;) 

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