Monday, December 11, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol 10

On Forgetfulness...

Well, It really wouldn't be me if I didn't miss one day of blogging.  And honestly it was for no other reason except that I forgot...Because seriously my brain these days!

I've heard the term Mommy brain but I guess I didn't realize that it was just a little joke.  I definitely had pregnancy brain - and it seems to have carried over...

Maybe it's really just tired brain?  Because with a million things going on on a regular basis and the fact that my body has for some reason decided 4am is the appropriate wake up time - it's not just my brain that's tired these days.

So cheers to my brain... 

And the coffee that sustains it...



  1. Georgia swears that she suffered from "baby brain" with Gracie until she was almost a year old and that the same seems to be happening this round with Will. I thought she was over reacting at first, until we had our 3rd argument because she completely forgot something she promised to do and then last week she literally fell out of her truck, lol! She didn't hurt herself, which is why I laughed... she just can't seem to get her footing these days. You poor mamas - hang in there because this too shall pass!

  2. 12 years later I still have it. Maybe I should see someone 😉