Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 14

Hello Insomnia My Old Friend

I've never been a good sleeper (except maybe during highschool when I was doing all the sports and was suddenly able to nap!) 

Sleep and I have, for the most part, have always had a tumultuous relationship.  I either can't fall asleep, stay asleep, or just generally don't feel well rested.  And then I got pregnant - which in the beginning was like a natural tranquilizer - like I couldn't stay awake to save my life.  But then it was like my body recognized that I was getting sleep and decided that there would be no more of that nonsense.  And it turns out that the bigger you get the less you sleep.  So I had at least 2 good months where I basically never made it through the night. When baby boy made his appearance I was a wreck.  I already hadn't been sleeping and then his delayed debut really destroyed my body.  And then of course - babies don't sleep so much in the beginning.  The good news was that my inability to fall asleep was effectively cured because I was so stinkin tired that I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

As he got older and I went back to work and we got back into a more normal routine my body once again woke up in every sense of the word - oh you think you're going to sleep?! Hahaha No. 

I've seen 4:30am more times in the last month than I can count - and only a handful were because of the small people and or furry folk living in my house.  It's like I just.can'

So short of drugging myself every single night (I'm a walking billboard for zquill) I need ideas.  And yes, I've read books, done meditations (I just can't), gotten up, stayed in bed, counted the things, whispered the prayers...etc.  

But I'm also heading rapidly toward a sleep deprived breaking send em to me folks, the ideas, the juju, the vudoo dolls, the crystals - whatever you got, I'll take it under advisement (and maybe even try it!)  

Until then I'll be the one mainlining the coffee with the big ol' grocery bags under my eyes!


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  1. Take a look at the 4,7,8 breathing technique. It’s worked for me when wind, storms or racing mind have me awake when I want to be sleeping.