Sunday, December 17, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 17

From Non-Belly to Belly Mama

It's so appropriate that 2 years ago I was writing about being a non-belly mama to my daughter...

My dream of becoming a belly mama has come true.  So now SP and I have been on both sides and what an amazing journey it's been. In some ways nothing has changed, in others everything has changed in the most amazing ways.

I'm still a non belly mama and I'm a belly mama.  

Mostly I'm just a mama.

Some people say they feel a difference with their biological kid.  I honestly don't.  I think maybe if somebody told me that I had some sort of amnesia and had actually carried my daughter as well I might believe them.  Nature and nurture are so weird.  Because sometimes my daughter is a carbon copy of my wife.  And sometimes I swear she somehow inherited my DNA through osmosis or something.  

But through it all I'm still over here wiping noses and butts.  I'm still over here kissing boo boo's and fixing broken toys.  I'm still making food they won't eat and doing laundry in an endless loop (it NEVER ends).  I'm still giving a million hugs and singing the same songs over and over and over. I'm still laughing at their crazy antics and melting at their sweetness. 

I think I always thought I would give birth to all of my children. And I really did.  One came from my belly and one came straight from my heart. 

Clearly the universe has unfolded exactly as it was meant to...

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