Sunday, December 24, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 24 (?)

In which I make no excuses 

Here's the thing - clearly I dropped the proverbial ball all over the place with blogmas this year. But at least it had its intended affect - I wrote things! Yay! 

The other thing is that I've just been too busy living the last couple of days to write. But here's the general run down.

Hang out with fam
Eat cookies
See Christmas lights
Eat cookies
Snuggle babies 
Eat cookies
Watch cookie shows
Eat cookies 
Wrap presents 
You get the idea...

It has been so nice to just sit in the sun and soak up some time with the kiddos and the parents and the brother/uncle.

And now we only have a few more days - so we will be spending it in a cookie induced coma I'm sure. 

And now a pictorial representation...

Merry Christmas Eve my friends! I hope you are spending it with folks you love - soaking up every minute!

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