Saturday, December 2, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 2

Dec 1st Boxes

I started a tradition (I think it was last year) that the kid(s) would open a present on December 1st.  I love the idea of getting a new set of Christmas jammies and a new Christmas book each year however most people do it on Christmas Eve.  But then you get no chance to enjoy the stuff!  So Dec 1st boxes were born.

This year the boxes included jammies, a few little toys, a new book and Advent Calendars! That I ordered from the mother country (the UK) because the chocolate ones in the US are garbage and the picture ones from the UK are way cuter.  And apparently I had the memory of crappy chocolate in my mind early enough this year to remember to order them ahead of time.

The second we got home little girl (LG from now on) asked legitimately every 5 seconds.  "Can I open my present now? How about now? How about now?" I told her we had to wait until Mommy got home.  So then every time there was a sound (real or imagined) outside it was "Mommy's home! Can I open my present?!"

Suffice to say, she was excited...

So was Baby Boy (BB) least about eating the tissue paper.

Merry December!


  1. Love this tradition! We do advent calendars as well, but we do some little toy ones, last year it was Playmobil and this year it's a Lego one. Fox loves them!

  2. What a fantastic idea!!! Totally making a note and stealing this idea! I was saying the other day that it was silly to give Christmas jammies on Christmas eve because 2 days later, Christmas is over. December 1st is so much more festive friendly!