Monday, December 11, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol 11

Santa's Whistle Stop Adventure

On Saturday we had a seriously magical afternoon!  It was a reminder of how joyful and wondrous the little things can be through the eyes of a child. 

We found a small town train-let (ie tiny train) that you ride for a like a good 4mins into a cute little place where they had small crafts, cookies, cider and a cute little santa. The beauty of the hokey small town-ness was that we waited for nothing.  We jumped on the sweet train, got right where we were going, and Mr. Clause was  immediately available. It was just the right amount for a 3yr old attention span!

We were lucky to have SP's parents (Mammu and Grandpa) join us!  Little girl LOVED all the sweets and snuggles.  And tolerated sitting next to Santa.  There was not a chance in you know what that she was going to actually sit ON his lap though - maybe next year.

Getting her candy cane...Yes You Can say BRIBE
Somebody else was just fine w/Old St. Nick!

After Santa time and a major sugar high we headed to dinner to celebrate Mammu's birthday!  It was nice and early (like 4:30) and it was perfect.  No rush, no stress, no muss no fuss.

Just a wonderful day.  Life is beautiful ya'll!

Happy Christmas!


  1. Love short and sweet Santa moments!!! The pic of Baby Boy with St. Nick, that smile and fuzzy holiday colored socks, YES!

  2. This looks fun! I love christmas things you can do during the day, everything else seems to be going on at night when it is an early bedtime around here. have good style...I have the same sweater as you...LOL