Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 16

Oh yes...She's still here...

Just in case you were wondering - this crazy crazy girl is still here.  Our Fur-st baby will be turning 7 (I think? maybe? I can't remember... It's all a guess anyway) this coming february. Although if you are lucky enough to make her acquaintance you might never know she was turning 7.  She still has about a 5ft vertical jump, she has an insane amount of energy, she eats everything (except chocolate which is a miracle).

She is what I lovingly call a "shelter surprise."  The folks there told us she was a shepard mix.  We now know that was essentially an outright lie!  She's some kind of american dingo/ basenji mix we think.  Basenjis as it turns out - are VERY smart and liver FOREVER (the average age is something insane like 14-16yrs...THE AVERAGE!) So we unknowingly made a very long commitment...

Kori has been nothing but trouble since her first moments. I think it was her first week at home when she ate a needle (oh yes you read that correctly).  By some grace of all things holy she passed it on her own.  After that we spent months training her (HAHA) to not be afraid of everything including leaves, the darkness, plastic name it.  Every day that I came home from work it was a game of "What did Kori eat today?!"  And it was everything you can imagine just fyi - shoes, rolls of quarters, roach traps - you name it, she tried to eat it.

And while she is still very energetic, and still pretty fearful of most things, and still generally bonkers - we do love her!  She is surprisingly gentle with the kids, although she has very little body awareness and is often whacking somebody with a tail.  Once she loves and trusts you she will cuddle you within an inch of your life.  She definitely can read souls and knows exactly when you need a dog to love on.  She is obsessed with curing my tears (to the point that she will body check SP out of the way to make sure I'm ok).  If you've been gone 5 mins or 5 days she's never been more excited to see you (she does not like to be alone!)

And while we joke that she's been "ruining everything since 2010" we can't imagine life without her!

We love you Kori Dog!

Oh yes and we've completely caved and allow
her on the couch...don't even start with me...

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