Sunday, December 3, 2017

Blogmas 2017 - Vol. 3

Oh Christmas Tree....

We went on the Wednesday after thanksgiving - I wanted to go the second thanksgiving was over but you know life... so instead we went on a random night when we both got home a tad earlier than normal. We decided to take our chances with hungry tired kids and rushed over to our local parking lot tree farm :)

And honestly it was the prefect 30 mins of smelling trees and forcing my wife to pull them out one by one while I decided they were too skinny or too short or not fluffy enough.  And then the lovely man from the Depot pulled one out and we decided we were too tired to keep looking.  And it looked good...enough.  And it smelled Awesome!!!

And then I left my wife in the parking lot with a big ol' christmas tree and piled the cold hungry tired kiddos into the car.  And then...I got In n Out and met her at home.

We dragged the tree inside and left it there for a couple days ;)  And let it smell up the place.  

Yesterday we pulled down the decorations (and by we I mean SP) And we wrapped some big ol' bulbs around the tree and let LG pile all the ornaments in one place.  

Our tree (Eloise this year) looks. a. hot. mess.

And it is perfect.

It is full of travel memories (we buy one everywhere we go). And it is full of homemade memories.  And sparkles.

And it is perfect.

And it smells perfect.

Happy Christmas!

 Also this is my Dream Baby #2 chewing on the magic christmas ornament of yore!


  1. Oh my gosh! That last picture of baby boy is hilariously adorable!! LOVE! ~~ Robyn ��

  2. What is said Christmas ornament made of? It looks like yarn but I can’t imagine enjoying chewing on that :-)

  3. Love that picture of you and the little guy by the tree! We do the same thing...buying ornaments from everywhere we travel to! Love unwrapping all the memories every Christmas!

  4. The magic Christmas ornament of yore <3

    I told you it would work ;)